This debut album is a reflection of the music we have been playing for the past year since we formed the band. After playing a few concerts it became clear that we need to record, so we decided on a date and booked Rainer Robben’s AudioCue Tonlabor in Berlin. I applied for funding from the Berliner Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten in hope to minimize the costs, and booked us three concerts to warm up before the studio sessions.

We had the three concerts – and they were amazing. We learned a lot about the pieces and we found a loving crowd that came back for more. In fact, we were so touched by the audience that we decided to dedicate part of the studio session to a live audience recording. It was very special and we definitely plan to do that again.

We teamed with AMAZING artist and designer – Eliagnus Angustifolia (Elisabeth Schuhmann) who is responsible for the beautiful design of the Set Sail album.  Work with her was a real treasure – as is the final product.  We thank her dearly.

We hope you enjoy this album. We are offering it (as well as Eliagnus’s Album Art) for free download with an option to donate, among other reasons, because I want people to be able to enjoy our music regardless of their financial situation.
Your donations here are the most direct way for you to support us – the money goes directly to us and would allow us to continue doing what we do.

We’d like to thank the Berliner Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten for their partial funding of this album production.


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